10 years warranty

General warranty terms

  • CNC Interior has applied warranty policies since the date of inspection and receipt, also after we’ve received the full payment from customers.
  • According to the components of the construction and the types of product, the warranty period varies. When contacting our Customer service, all the information about the scope of warranty will be mentioned more specifically for each case in the section below.
  • After taking over the buildings, the customer will receive a warranty card containing clearly warranty duration based on based on regulations of the company.
  • Relying on regulatory and warranty information, we are committed to repairing or replacing the defective product that’s completely free.
  • From the moment you receive notification from the investor, the process of repairing the damage can take up to 7 business days (excluding Sundays and Holidays).

List of cases covered in our guarantee

  • For engineered wood, CNC provides a 10-year warranty on new construction.
  • For the structures made of Solid wood, the warranty period amounts to 2 years.
  • During the warranty period, CNC Interior will be responsible for fixing technical errors for free. And in particular, there are elements like hinges, handles, rails, product surfaces scratched during the construction phase.
  • CNC Interior will recall and replace the product in case the order isn’t exact as the detailed drawing approved by the customer.

CNC Interior disclaims warranties in the following cases:

  • The investor arbitrarily changes the original design, structure and function during its use without notifying CNC Interior.
  • The failures and losses of product are caused by the wrong ways that customer uses it in or during the process of using and moving.
  • The products made with wood are misused by the customers leading to the situation that material is expanded, waterlogged or heavily affected by chemicals.
  • The product’s damage is caused by termites, rodents or insects.

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