Delivery policies

For the orders less than VND 10 million:

Please pay all the shipping costs (fixed rate or carrier-calculated rate). Depending on the size of the product and the geographical distance, the shipping cost will vary.

For the orders more than VND 10 million:

The products will be delivered free of charge.

Return/Exchange policies

CNC Interior agrees to customers’ requirements to exchange/return products in case when the investors notice that the products are not standardized when taking over the buildings. Factors that can help you to evaluate a low-quality product include:

05 Jan 2016 Image1
  • The product surface mirrors the unfinished situation: the edges are not handled carefully.
  • The coats of paint have uneven levels and fade quickly.
  • The product has multiple superficial scratches during construction.
  • The color is different from the detailed drawing cleared with the customer.
  • Poor-quality materials have signs of warping, cracking, becoming moth-eaten, unclear origins,…
  • The product’s material doesn’ t match up with the initial estimate and isn’t safe for user.

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