Any professional operating unit has their own specific and standard unification procedures. CNC Interior is no exception. Strength by full constructing apartment interior or any other housing model, villa, school,… we ensure that our customers will be pleased with the quality of service and most of all, a rapid, lean, efficient workflow.

work process

To let customers become well-acquainted with the way company’s organization functions, CNC Interior’d like to show you a work process that falls into 5 general steps as follows:

Step 1: Advice and support for a survey of current status

  • After the advisor makes an appointment with you, our staff will come to your house in order to survey the current situation, directly measure and get the actual data. Next, our specialists will listen to all your innermost feelings and desires. To solve thoroughly, we also propose the optimal solutions to customers’ living spaces.
  • Once design specifications are agreed upon, CNC Interior will send you a preliminary estimate of all the construction costs with an accuracy up to 95% of the practical value of the order. Regarding to design fees, CNC’d like to quote 150.000 VND/m2.

Step 2: Preliminary & detailed design

  • Our design process is divided into 2 smaller steps which are preliminary design and detailed technical drawing. The preliminary design allows customers to sketch their initial ideas out which is gradually implemented more clearly and realistically by the detailed technical drawing. Similarly, our 2D, 3D drawings will help you visualize how the interior layout will be when combining with aesthetics.
  • Moreover, you will have the opportunity to work with experienced designers in order to discuss and come up with your own design ideas and stories. From there, this leads to concretizing furniture arrangement from the shapes, colors to the materials used in the design.

Step 3: Submit quotation for construction works

  • If you feel satisfied with our design plan and accept it, then CNC Interior will send you the detailed quotation for your order. After reviewing detailed cost estimate, customers can talk to our staff in order to migrate to other materials in accordance with their budget.
  • Last but not least, CNC’s experts will suggest not only affordable materials but also good quality-assurance products.

Step 4: Sign a construction contract

  • After the customers approve the final quotation, CNC will conclude such agreements between 2 parties and transition to product manufacturing.
  • Simultaneously, our company is committed to refunding the original $100 design fee for the successfully signed order.

Step 5: Construction and installation

  • CNC will announce in advance when the product is completed in order to deliver timely and promptly. After finishing the construction, we start to install, have acceptance trials, settle and hand over of the use of the house to owners.
  • With deepest appreciation, CNC Interior desires to thank all of customers for trusting us. That’s why our company undertakes to guarantee a 10-year warranty based on product categories.

You can refer to the link below in order to get a better grasp of terms in CNC’s warranty policies. CNC Interior hopes that the above information has benefited customers to be no longer surprised when accompanying us in the near future.

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02 Tháng Mười 2020


02 Tháng Mười 2020

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