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Our mission

  • Every member of our team puts their heart into all the designs and construction works. After nearly 10 years of operation, our company has developed continuously and gain the customers’ trust thanks to these factors such as dedication, creativity and passion. The ability to bring about the fullness of interior projects in the quality makes customers feel secure to entrust.
  • CNC interior contributes to the construction of many interior projects in HCMC in particular and the Southern Provinces in general. Customers will enjoy beautiful and unique living spaces applying green solutions with interior trends that prevail throughout the world and Vietnam.

Core values

  • CNC team appreciates the precious time as well as the credibility of customers. Therefore, to streamline a fast, lean and efficient work process is our guideline. 
  • To let the concept drawing tell its whole story, the empathy between the designer and the customer is indispensable. At CNC, we aim to bring the standard, honesty, friendliness of our speech.
  • The quality is coupled with the speed. This creates the core values of CNC Interior.
  • Not only providing a service that gives smart, rapid and creative design solutions, we also look forward to having a long-term, sustainable cooperation between employees, company and partners, customers.

The most unique design styles in 2020

CNC Interior is the destination where customers can find:

  • Smart design: Optimizing every design to create comfortable and friendly living spaces to users.
  • Handy ideas: updating contemporary interior trends and at the same time understanding the aesthetic tastes of customers to offer useful solutions.
  • Green solutions: Conveying the soul of nature to many interior designs that leads to enjoyable “green spaces”.

Our vision

  • In 2020, to become a friend of every family in HCMC by  reaching 30% market share of mid-end apartments, townhouses and villas.
  • In 2022, to enter Top 10 of the largest wooden products processing and exporting companies in Ho Chi Minh City.

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02 Tháng Mười 2020


02 Tháng Mười 2020

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